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 Services and Analysis

  • Analysis of previous agency relationships

  • Recommendation for the optimal agency model/constellation

  • Recommendation for the choice of the type of procedure permitted under BVergG

  • Exploration of the limits under public procurement law in the event of changes to the types of procedure specified in the BVergG

  • Development of tailor-made process solutions within the BVergG framework


Screening and Selection Procedures 

  • Screening of the agency market, creation of a longlist 

  • Security under public procurement law for innovative solutions in invitations to tender 

  • Preparation of a preliminary shortlist in coordination with the client

  • Organization and preparation of chemistry interviews with shortlisted agencies

  • Development of sample tender documents for different tender scenarios

  • Support in the aptitude and selection test including the preparation of a catalogue of admissible aptitude and selection criteria for the 1st stage of a (negotiation) procedure

  • Creation of a catalogue of permissible award criteria 

  • Development of a decision matrix (selection criteria+calculation mode) for objective evaluation of commercial offers and creative presentations


Selection and Presentation

  • Selection of the final pitch participants with the client

  • Analysis of brand and campaign data from market research, company report, interviews with stakeholders, if necessary, and identification of the key optimization parameters, including summary of the key results 

  • Support in the creation of a jury, if necessary with the involvement of external experts

  • Preparation of a comprehensive tender document/request for proposal (RFP)/briefing documents

  • Coordination of the selection process and support of the client (specialist department/procurement) in the complete selection process

Organization of pitch presentation

  • Awarding & drafting of contracts

  • Advice on the preparation of a verbal justification for the jury in accordance with the award of the contract

  • Formulation of the award decision, taking into account the limits under public procurement law

  • Support for the tender examination in the 2nd stage of the negotiation procedure

  • Support of the department/procurement/legal in contract preparation

  • Support in the selection of fair, market-compliant and future-oriented remuneration models

  • Processing of price negotiations in conformity with the award of contracts

  • Preparation of a tailor-made service contract with special consideration of intellectual property rights

  • Support in the preparation of the entire tender documentation

  • Legal protection in review proceedings


Project Management and Support

  • Project management, including definition of project goals, structures, sounding boards/jury, coordination of meetings, timing/project plan, various presentations

  • Documentation of all essential steps including management presentations

  • Regular review meetings after conclusion of the contract in order to be able to support you quickly in case of discrepancies

  • Support and maximum security during audits by the Court of Audit/Corporate Auditing etc. and other subsequent audits

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