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We find the needle in the haystack.


We are truffle hogs ...

We at PITCHPROS can help you: As a team of leading experts in public procurement law and marketing consultants with different focuses, we rely on tried and tested processes and tools while at the same time ensuring the highest legal standards.


As pitch consultants, we advise you on the right setting, identify the agencies/partners that are best suited to your needs, define the framework conditions for the selection process, point out alternatives, accompany the tendering process and support you in drafting contracts, thus establishing a partnership at eye level.


The agency pitch is not always the best criteria for selecting an agency. We develop alternative selection procedures that allow for commercial requirements and the recognition of creative potential and implementation strength under "real life" conditions. However, we also advise you on the development of in-house solutions or other agency models, right up to customized agencies.


What is the best way to describe our work?  

With all due respect, we see ourselves as truffle hogs who plough through the agency landscape until we have found the best solution for our clients.

Mag. Christian Gruber

Partner Schramm Öhler Rechtsanwälte

schramm-oehler-2048px_Gruber quer sw. jp

…who find the needle in the haystack!

The selection of agencies and other creative service providers is becoming increasingly complex for marketing and communications managers in companies and institutions. No matter whether advertising, PR, social media, production, digital, design, dialogue, brand, full service, creative, strategy consulting, CRM, content or one-stop solution agencies.

New procurement guidelines for public authorities, group or company guidelines for private companies, along with differences in interest between marketing and communication, procurement, legal or compliance, lead to tensions and unnecessary friction in the procurement process. While marketing and purchasing often discuss the difficulties in standardizing creative services and the balance of quality and cost, law & compliance focuses on the handling of the entire tendering process in line with the relevant directives.


Given the vast number of potential service providers and interventions from all sides, agency selection quickly becomes like looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack.



And we've based our

work on three rules:

  1. We at PITCHPROS do not work for agencies, but exclusively for advertising companies and institutions.

  2. Even though we work exclusively for clients (and receive our fees from them), we maintain a respectful and cooperative relationship with agencies. As an expression of this partnership, we only accept mandates for selection procedures in which the creative services of the agency receive fair and adequate remuneration. In addition, after each milestone of the process, we provide the agencies with relevant client feedback.

  3. We see ourselves as the "personal lawyers" of our clients in every respect. We only pass on information to agencies within the framework of a review for which we have the approval of our clients. We are independent and neutral, but have our own opinion. Even if that might sometimes be uncomfortable.

Our services

Our services range from recommending the right agency setup to developing tailor-made process solutions. From the screening of the agency market to the preparation of briefing and tender documents. From the definition of suitability and selection criteria to support in the selection of fair, market-compliant and future-oriented contract and remuneration models.


You can find our services in detail here:



Our packages

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Package M


Package X


Package XL


dr Peter Baumgartner

Has experience with agency pitches from all perspectives: as a customer, as the director of an agency and as a consultant.

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Mag. Sabrina Glechner

Partner Schramm Öhler Rechtsanwälte

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+ 43 676 34 60 900 I

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