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Dr. Manfred Berger

Founder & Managing Director 

NEUSICHT - Think Tank

Education and doctorate at WU Vienna


  • Founder of a number of start-ups in the textile, sports, food & non-food sectors

  • Founder & Managing Partner of FCB Retail Consulting & Advertising Agency, later Draftfcb

  • CEO and Managing Partner of Draftfcb Partner

  • Initiative for the "Grow East Congress" with WU-Vienna 

  • Founder and partner of NEUSICHT - a think tank with the primary focus on "Trust" - "How to restore trust in brands, companies & institutions" 


Author of many publications & several books, including "Playful Trust", "Miracle Weapon Hygiene", "Hysteria Hygiene".

You can reach Dr. Manfred Berger at +43 664 393 21 73

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